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MA in Architecture, 2019 |  Urbanism & Societal Change

BA in Architecture, 2016 


First prize, 2020 | Freelance with HCM architect

Hukou Kindergarten Competition, Hsinchu (TW)

First prize, 2020 | Freelance with HCM architect

Hsinchu Main Library Competition, Hsinchu (TW)

First prize, 2019 | Hsuyuan Kuo Architects & Associate

First Prize, 2018 | Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

First Prize (Urban design), 2017

Tseng-Hsuan Wei

Receiving education in Copenhagen, Taipei and Madrid, Tseng-Hsuan has a diverse education background, which allows him to learn from both eastern and western cultures.

As a native Mandarin and fluent English speaker, he has several international experiences such as working in Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Taipei. During his employment, he has participated in various types of competitions internationally and collaborated with world-class architecture firms around the world. Tseng-Hsuan also executed various tasks in different phases of design, which encompass 3D massing study, conceptual ideation, layout organization, façade design, presentation visualization and animation.


Beyond architecture, as Taiwan is culturally influenced by China and Japan, Tseng-Hsuan is fascinated by temples
and garden cultures from these countries. Apart from the interest in temples, he is also a big fan of the transportation field, which includes aviation and railway system.


Press & Activities

Jan. 2021 / Guest editor of Vol. 304 | Jan. 2021 

Architecture + Plus podcast (TW)

Jan. 2021 / EP.41

Taipei Representative Office in Denmark (DK)

Feb. 2020 / Salon Keynote speaker

On Site/ Off Site - X-Site 2019 (TW)

Aug. 2019 / Exhibitor, Workstation JK 

Architecture Dept. of Tamkang Uni. (TW)

Jan. 2019 / Guest critiquer 

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