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Urban Pace Regulator 

A future layering for dense

infrastructure in Copenhagen 

Teammates: Renata Mitrova

Imagination of future central station

Copenhagen / Denmark


Year: 2017

Type: Urban design

Function: Infrastructure

Property: Academic / Groupwork

The busies stations in Copenhagen


From 2000, Øresund Link has created more and more interaction between Denmark and Sweden which makes Copenhagen and Malmo one region. 

In 2030, Fehmarn Link is planned to operate which connects Denmark and Germany. Although Fehmarn Link is 2 hours’ drive from Copenhagen, it will connect Mainland Europe`s high-speed train route to Copenhagen. 

In addition to road and railway, air transportation is also expected to bring more visitors to Copenhagen in the next decades.  Copenhagen is known as the most liveable city in the world, but its infrastructure is not designed for the growing population. Hence, a new style infrastructure must be created to deal with the future challenge to keep the city livable. 


When the new line of the metro opens in 2019 even more cyclists, using this part of the system as an interchange as they travel in and out of the city, will need somewhere to leave a bike. At the same time, the capacity at Copenhagen Central Station reaches its maximum.

Compare to other two busiest stations, many developments around the central station are planned to be built in the future which will bring a significant number of people.  The infrastructure of the central station already crows today and it will become much worst two years later when the metro is built. 

Popularation in CPH Predicted 2000 - 2029

Passenger number of CPH airport

A new public square which is defined by speed will be located at Copenhagen central station.

Frame per second view

Minimum cornering radius

Transport Circus

Most of the intercity or international buses are stopped on the sidewalk as the bus station on the south side of the central station. This is not the only inconvenience for passengers but also make the road crowded. In addition, bike parking has become a serious problem in the road. As consequence, two traffic circus is created with different radius.

Sky Bridge

Today, the connection between two sides of central station is weak because of the exit in west side is small. The new metro station will open in 2019 which will bring more and more people into the station. However, the current route system cannot afford more. As a result, the bridge is designed to create new route system connect train and metro station directly and build a new path through the station.

Bike Highway

A new huge urban-complex plan is developed in the south of central station which including several high rise buildings and shopping mall. Big amounts of bikes are parked on the south side of the station even the new plan is not built. In addition to creating more parking space, how to make a route system more efficient is the idea of this bike highway. This highway connects the new development area to metro station and Vesterbro area with a path designed speed is 30 km per hour. 

Urban Roof

A new continues landscape is designed to expand central station. It is defined with different height which related to the speed of functions. The highest place is created for picnic, waking, and activities. The lowest is for transportations. This landscape connects each new functions as a main character in the project.