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Next Copenhagen Housing

Another "Playful" Way of Achieving Homeownership 

for Copenhagen`s future island plan.

Teammates:  Ulrik Montnemery, Hải Tú Trần


Inspired by the game called monopoly we are trying to propose a strategy for the future island in Copenhagen, Lynetteholmen.  Times are changing, and recently a new version of the game was released for this generation, where the message reads: “forget real estate, you can’t afford it anyway.”

At the same time, the new plans to build on Lynnetteholmen was announced by the Danish government in 2018. Frustrated by the result of recent development in Copenhagen, like Nordhavn and Sydhavnen we thought it might be a good test site to propose a different housing model, adjusted to the local context.


Copenhagen / Denmark


Year: 2018

Type: Master plan

Function: Social housing

Property: Academic / Group

Developers buildings



Affordable Housing